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dwilly lets us know that "it's ok to be different" in time of Pride

The warmth of the sun, the smell of the sea and the slight yet faintest breeze of wind make up the picturesque idealization of relaxation, becoming a seemingly ubiquitous part of our romanticization of summer. Summer marks a period of exploration and fun but notably, it highlights our need as humankind, to be more aware and kinder to one another. In commemoration of the Stonewall riots of June 1969, the month of June marks a month of celebration and recognition of the impact LGBTQ+ people have had in the world, encouraging love and difference to become one. In time of Pride, Los Angeles-based producer dwilly has released a new single entitled "it's ok to be different", letting us know that it's ok to be our true, authentic selves.

"I used to care what other people thought of me, and once I stopped caring it was easier to concentrate on the things that matter to me, like being authentic with myself as an artist and setting examples," dwilly shares. "The lyrics in the song are easy to follow. The title explains it all—it's ok to be different. Let’s celebrate being weird, being untypical, and not fitting into normality. Boundaries are meant to be pushed so let’s push them! Happy Pride month."

Once again proving himself to be a master of urban and electronic music, "its ok to be different" oozes in ascending confidence, unapologetic in its smooth chords and fluid transitions. dwilly's very own vocals lead the way in this unique track, unabashed in its to-the-point lyricism and fuelling the anthemic nature of the track with a story near and dear. From the snaking jazz-tinged synth lines, to the soft yet commanding drums, dwilly effortlessly takes reign and gives us agency and encouragement to set ourselves free.

South Carolina native David Wilson, commonly known as dwilly, first broke into the electronic music scene while attending Berklee College of Music in 2016. Currently based in LA, the producer, songwriter, and vocalist blends melodious elements of hip-hop and EDM for a fascinating signature in sound design. With releases on Monstercat and Majestic Casual Records, dwilly has songs that have peaked on charts and has continually grown his dedicated fanbase. Recently, dwilly has opened for Matoma, Sigala, joined GRiZ on his US tour, and has opened for Zedd at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre.


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