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Future Generations capture the “Spirit of my Youth” in this indie-pop jam

Just in time for summer, Brooklyn synth-pop boys, Future Generations, are back with two new tracks, “Spirit of My Youth” and “Try”, out via Frenchkiss Records. Both songs stay true to the band’s signature upbeat style while riding out a downbeat groove. Future Generations have a knack for catchy vocal melodies and ear-candy synths, talents which are thankfully still on full display.

“Spirit of My Youth” is the grander of the two tracks. It starts with a groove-heavy synth arp beat before opening up in the shimmery chorus. With constantly shifting drum production and flashy synths, it’s hard not to bob your head along.

For “Try,” the guys focus on a more stripped-down mellow sound. The toned-back drum loop gives space for the vocal harmonies while the rising and falling hooks of the lead melody and the hesitant synth arp make it feel intimate. Appropriate for a love song.

After releasing their album Landscape last year, Future Generations have been on the road consistently. It’s exciting to finally have them back in the studio.

You can catch them June 20 at Elsewhere in Brooklyn.

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