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DANNY TIME & Nostalgix have the bass weapon “Locked & Loaded” on CONFESSION

ICON Collective graduate and Florida-based DJ and producer DANNY TIME has packed the bass gun and prepared for battle in his “Locked & Loaded” debut on Tchami’s CONFESSION. The track is in collaboration with 22-year-old Vancouver-based Nostalgix.

Immediately from the first bar, DANNY TIME and Nostalgix ensure that the track is primed to get you out of your seat and on your feet. The sharp percussion, thumping kick drum, and heavily sidechained bass line lines the track up for a simplistic yet powerful production from the two burgeoning producers. Additionally, the sliced vocals, pulsing white noise for a crisp high-end, and memorable melodies further solidify this release’s true power.

Connect with DANNY TIME: SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Nostalgix: SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · House


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