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ZAE taps into classic Destiny's Child vibes in latest single "Swing That Way"

With a groovy bassline, a smooth R&B melody and a bouncy pop chorus, ZAE's latest single, "Swing That Way" brings a familiar taste of old school Destiny's Child fused with modern London R&B. Click play below:

The plush orchestral chorus in "Swing That Way" is draped with feathery vocal harmonies and rich pop melodies that make this track inescapably catchy. It also sets the stage to put ZAE's vocals up to the test and she certainly delivers. ZAE demonstrates a masterful command of both pace and range as she weaves in and out of the hard-hitting, passionate chorus and reels it back in for the slow-burning verses."Swing That Way" is set to be one of the catchiest R&B pop songs of the summer. It's one of those Mariah Carey style tracks that are so captivating that it invites you to sing along but most of us have no business trying to match these vocals (at least, not in public). 

In terms of the meaning behind the lyrics, ZAE shared “Swing That Way is my take on those moments when you’re being pursued relentlessly by someone who doesn’t seem to be ge6ng the message and/or isn’t giving up easily (we’ve all been there, right?) Or maybe it’s a song to scream at the top of your lungs when you’re with your girls? Or maybe it’s a gay anthem??? (I really want it to be a gay anthem). But really, it’s whatever you want it to be.”

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