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Iris Gold and Aidan Coker "Slow Down" to deliver captivating trap soul vibes [Premiere]

Rapper and vocalist Iris Gold keeps raising the bar with every release. Her last entry was the multi-genre vibrant jam titled "Roll It Out" where she mixed fiery melodic vocals alongside the gripping raps of Ghanian rapper M.anifest. On her new single "Slow Down", she employs many styles ranging from fast-energy rapping to melodic patois tinged vocals. Backed by a thick soothing trap infused instrumental, Gold goes for the jugular as she details her passionate love for an unknown individual. 

Gold has also tapped the vocal talents of her friend, UK rapper Aidan Coker, who provides his own take on the spark, chemistry, and somewhat undeniable vibe when two people are unavoidably attracted to one another. Gold, as expected, brings her sultry energy into the mix during the chorus to further reinforce the chemistry between her and Coker.

"Slow Down" is taken from Gold's upcoming debut album ‘Planet Cool’.

Gold is currently on tour with a series of festival dates confirmed, check out the dates below:

18.05 FOCUS Wales, Wrexham/Wales

28.06 Europavox Festival, Clermont-Ferrand/France

05.07 Nibe Festival, Nibe/Denmark

19.07 Electric Castle, Cluj/Romania

21.07 Larmer Tree Festival, Tollard Royal/United Kingdom

27.07 Standon Calling, Hertfordshire/United Kingdom

02.08 Intsikurmu Festival, Põlva/Estland 

09.08 SmukFest, Skanderborg/Denmark


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