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Nick Wilson sings to the tune of love in newest single "Colour Me In"

Wide-eyed and full of hope, UK singer-songwriter Nick Wilson creates melodies fit for the soul and written from the heart. His 2019 releases so far have told forlorn love stories; slow burning acoustics washed in dreamy synths. His newest release, "Colour Me In" -premiering here today- still casts love as a main character, but with a different script in mind. 

"['Colour Me In'] is about finding that one person that makes you want to dive head first into a relationship again", Wilson shares, "someone who pulls you out of the post-breakup lull. The chorus lyric “colour me in, I’m ready to start again” is the heart of the song. It’s the feeling of finding someone who makes you want to do it all again." The track playfully builds up to the hook, silencing the meandering synths as Wilson emphatically repeats the chorus line. A pulsating percussion keeps the song alive, reminiscent of a lover's heartbeat. Its mid-tempo beat never feel rushed, simply allowing Wilson's vocals to fill up the empty space with rose-coloured thoughts. 

Perhaps marking a brand new start in more ways than one way, "Colour Me In" is the latest in a slew of new releases this year. Hopefully, it won't be long before Nick Wilson is ready to move on again with a new album. 

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