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Kita Menari wants you to see the world and "Feel It All" in homemade visuals [Video]

Dutch artist Micha de Jonge has been living up to his stage name Kita Menari (meaning 'we dance' in Malay) ever since his life-threatening scuba diving excursion. Releasing a vibrant 80s-inspired EP, Finally Awake, his determination to celebrate life shines through every note. Continuing with this motif, his newest video for "Feel It All"- premiering here today- was shot during his time in Vietnam, capturing its everyday life and timeless beauty. 

Using the breathtaking landscape as a backdrop to "Feel It All", Kita Menari's blend of sparkling synths and rousing guitar melodies tell a welcoming story of wonder and adventure. The steady percussion keeps the track grounded, giving it a foundation from which its dynamic synth layers can flourish.

The video cuts through different scenes in Vietnam, painting a picture of days spent wandering and reflecting- always in awe, and never without a smile. The visuals are refreshing without being exasperating, and thoroughly more addictive to watch than an overly produced music video. Instead of preaching it to us, Kita Menari manages to truly make us feel it all through his eyes and the visions of a forgotten country. 

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