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Jonathan Brenner returns as a "Pop Song from the 70s"

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Brenner's indie single "Pop Song from the 70s" is a concept record that deals with nostalgia, love and youthful exuberance. Blending 70s pop, jazz, and Americana elements with its laid back soulful keys and snappy drums.

The soft-voiced singer goes back in time with this latest track and imagines himself as a vinyl record waiting to be picked up at the record store by an unknown and obviously enthusiastic kid on the way back from school. He goes on to describe the feeling he gives the listener from the first time they pop the record under the needle to the time he becomes their favorite record.  The single sure captures a nostalgic piece of history with its vintage style and he also strays from being too mundane as well with his detailed lyrics and emotion-driven style.

"Pop Song from the 70s" is taken from his full-length LP 'Playin' Hooky With My Baby'. Get it on Spotify.

Connect with Jonathan Brenner: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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