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Bijou Bijou is keeping her soul on "Voodoo Man"

Alt-pop songstress Bijou Bijou has made a deal. In her captivating new single "Voodoo Man", she's decided to keep her soul.

The latest track by the Johannesburg-based artist tells a story of the tempestuous "Voodoo Man". When times are hard this mysterious character turns up at your door, offering you a shiny box of fortune and fame. There is, of course, a caveat: you've got to give him your soul. Paired with the song's laidback vibes and sultry vocals, it's clear that his catchy charms are going to be hard to resist.

Based on the familiar legend of "selling your soul to the devil", Bijou Bijou draws the song's parallel to being an independent musician. "We all know how hard this industry is and how hard it is to break into it," she said. "Keeping hope is hard and staying determined is hard, but ultimately not giving up is the most difficult thing. You have to believe in yourself."

The song's seductive sounds of surf and summer come from Bijou Bijou's ongoing collaboration with producer Wesley West, who also worked on her previous single "Thing For You".

The indie artist also takes her dreamy influences from Lana Del Ray and Beach House. But where Del Ray broods and Beach House muses, Bijou Bijou folds life's mysteries instead into effortless pop songs. "I like mixing dark and twisted to an upbeat almost happy sound," she describes. "It gives a great final sound, catchy and easy to listen to".

"Voodoo Man" is out May 24th.

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