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Kameek and Courtney Bennett are "Selfish" about keeping your love

In a bout of dizzying soul and garage, UK producer Kameek has captured our hearts with his light-hearted new single "Selfish". Featuring the entrancing vocal talents of Courtney Bennett, the duo wrap us tight in warm beats and heartfelt swells for a laid back groove, beaming jubilance in every chord.

With dextrously expressive percussions laying the groundwork, Kameek illuminates Bennett's vocals with masterful ease, constructing a stunning dream of kicks and syncopated hi-hats. While the lyrics narrate a tale of selfish love, our hearts all but open for the duo's organic teamwork, vocals and instrumentals coalescing for fulfilling listening experience.

Born and raised in West London, the accompanying sounds of Pirate radio had a transformative impact on Kameek’s music. Involved in Grime as the scene started to pick up pace in 2006, the UK artist spent time behind the mic, mixing desk and drums before turning his hand to producing. Time spent at Red Bull Studios and Mute Records, saw him hone his technical skills with some of the best in the business and in 2019 he founded his own label Pirate Material.

Save "Selfish" to your playlists here.

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