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Grace Gaustad looks beyond being just "Photogenic" [Video]

Rising unsigned singer-songwriter Grace Gaustad pops up on our radar with her newest song "Photogenic". The song which blends alternative pop, R&B, and elements of trap music is both refreshing and vibrant.

While the tough instrumental (courtesy of producer Oak Felder) knocks the speakers, Gaustad, on the other hand, tackles a very relatable issue from a tongue-in-cheek perspective. She talks about an individual who is photogenic and appears to be everything good but deep inside they are actually the opposite. Gaustad delivers her verses with a mellow, high pitched vocal that matches the vibrant energy of the dynamic beat.

Her writing style is unique due to its distinct pop sound accompanied by dark elements that make her sound undeniable. She says the inspiration for her music comes from world events, personal experiences, and experiences of those around her. Fascinated by human existence, the depth in her lyrics and melodies come from a far greater understanding of the world than your average 17-year-old.

Get it on Soundcloud.

Connect with Grace Gaustad: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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