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Tana Mongeau deserves more than just "Facetime" [Video]

Tana Mongeau has moved on from seven or more theatrical original and collab tracks in which she features wacky rhyming rap style, fitting of a nineteen-year-old SoCal digital media character. Mongeau has matured a few years and launches her own more thoughtful electronica-pop airy ballad "Facetime" to her throng of fans on Saturday 19th May.  In her new song, she reflectively and solemnly declares she doesn't want to fall asleep on Face Time, she wants the real relationship face-to-face time. 

The three and a half minute track features the pop culture chanteuse, an influencer with 4.2 million Youtube followers, expressing a more emotional sentimental side. The track is composed of her fluted and effected vocals, often stacked in a delayed echo, with piano, bell, harp. and guitar notes and high shaker slow rap beat. Eight and a half thousand comments later within a few hours from launch garners compliments on her voice, opening the door for more of this kind of music from this personality. 
This piece rather begs a producer in the electronic dance sphere, perhaps other California based producers someone like a Sage Armstrong, OMNOM, or Ghastly type, who could do achieve a tuff modern extended mix; something to play in Vegas or meriting guest appearance at Hardfest.  Or maybe the obvious, someone in Kygo or Jonas Blue style to make a longer commercial club dance Remix. The question is who would be game. The ripe followership would ensure plenty of choice crossover new audience in the Jake and Logan Paul demographic.  
Mongeau will be starring on her own MTV reality series titled 'Tana Turns 21' premiering Summer 2019.
"Facetime" can be streamed on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.
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2 years ago

tana has copied aly ryan's song "facetime"!