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girl in red is the "dead girl in the pool"

Norway's idyllic singer-songwriter girl in red reveals her latest collection of work, beginning with the confusingly fun "dead girl in the pool". 

Discussing identity and anxiety, the track's repetitive "there's a dead girl in the pool, I'm the dead girl in the pool" shouldn't be a lyric that you want to dance around to, but it is. girl in red's ability to write dark yet somewhat jolly tunes is an admirable power to hold. With it's folk-sounding guitar strings and creepily uplifting melody, "dead girl in the pool" may be girl in red's best track to date

Explaining the song's narrative, girl in red says: "I started working on this song last summer. I had just had a conversation about perspectives and different narratives that sparked some ideas. Then suddenly had the line "there's a dead girl in the pool" and this little music video of the morning after a party playing in my head. It's kind of about feelings of anxiety and questioning your identity, and the video will hopefully show that!"

"dead girl in the pool", despite it's dark nature, it's a fun-loving number that will continue to be on repeat until I'm bored of dancing around to it. girl in red is an astonishingly brilliant writer and she continues to get better with each new release. Her second EP titled chapter 2 will be released later this year... and I cannot wait. 

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