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Luther Burbank pay tribute to "Claudette Colvin" in debut single

A movie sets the scene mainly with its visuals. Take away these visuals and the experience completely changes; the audience becomes less of a consumer and becomes more of an active member in creating the scenery. Luther Burbank is experimenting with this shift by taking elements of Sam Jones' film composition, matching it with sci-fi storytelling and mixing the ingredients in a hip-hop blender. "Claudette Colvin" is Luther Burbank's first exploration into this space that literally takes us into space before the release of their debut album With Apologies To... that is set for release this summer.

The song pays tribute to civil rights activist Claudette Colvin who dared to sit where she was not allowed, and breaks ground for the group that moves into a space they had not yet been welcomed into. "Claudette Colvin" hangs in a space that lies somewhere between a movie and a song. It feels like a track you need to listen to with  glasses on to fully capture all of its elements.

Stay tuned to see how the rest of this story plays out this summer on With Apologies To...

Connect with Luther Burbank: Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter

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