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Isobel Galloway releases velvety new soulful single "Let's Get Naked"

Isobel Galloway releases a luscious new single "Let's Get Naked" filled with velvety vocal tones. Produced by Taka Perry, the single allows Galloway to strip back and bare all. 

"Let’s Get Naked" is a vulnerable and honest offering about celebrating the literal sense of being naked and enjoying the freedom of it. The direction Galloway aimed for was a silky soulful style with a little bit of a twist.

“The track is about stripping back the layers, the masks that we have built up and getting down to the realness within us. Cutting the bullshit basically," she says. “I had been thinking about how people are walking around trapped in fear, masking themselves, afraid to be authentic, afraid to be real. We all crave real connections yet it can be so hard to be vulnerable and open.”

A poignant artist rising through the ranks with her formidable vocal prowess, Galloway has found a voice that is unfailingly her own, filled with promise of individuality and vulnerability that will leave a long lasting connection. Inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Maggie Rogers, Etta James and her peers, Galloway’s music career spans over 15 years.

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