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Mamas Gun release sparkling single "The Spooks" on vinyl

While audiences in Europe and Asia have been experiencing Mamas Gun’s latest album Golden Days since last year, those of us in North America can get in on the action today with the release of the single “The Spooks,” which is now available globally on streaming services and as a 45 7” vinyl for sale on Bandcamp via Ubiquity Records. The single gives a taste of the London group’s analog sound as well as a savory preview of the full LP, which will be available in North America on May 10.

The slow-moving track shows the group’s skills in tastefully understated songwriting and production with sparse verses that blossom in the hooks. Front man Andy Platts’ vocals soar over the mix as he hopes for success in a long-distance relationship. In the shimmering choruses, he writes, “Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever make it through… when doubt creeps across my mind I get the spooks.” The post-chorus melody is a particularly salient example of Mamas Gun’s effectively restrained songwriting. In the track’s climax, all the elements coalesce as the floating vocals, touching instrumental melodies, and churning beat from the bass and drums all intertwine with gorgeous results before the music organically fades out. American audiences may be late to the party with Mamas Gun, but “The Spooks” suggests that the full LP will be one to remember.

Stream or buy "The Spooks" / "Golden Days" here.

Pre-order the Golden Days LP here.

Connect with Mamas Gun: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Spotify

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