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Katori Walker gets transparent with "Anxiety"

California has another star on their hands and his name is Katori Walker. Katori, who is from the Pasadena area, has just dropped his EP, Stubborn. On it, there are a few gems including “Run” which is the standout. However, “Anxiety” definitely takes the title for most powerful track on the EP.

In addition to giving us insight about his anxiety, Katori speaks on giving his daughter a better life. In regards to showering her with everything Walker raps, “Does that really build character? / Give her everything but for what life am I preparing her?/ You gotta understand why I shower her with gifts because the fact I grew up broke and we aint ever have sh*t.”

The hook could have been stronger but the verses pick up the slack in its place. Overall, Katori Walker is the kind of artist whose word’s need to be felt more than heard. The tracks on Stubborn incite the kind of emotions only hip hop titans like J. Cole can tap into. While it’s too early to set those kinds of expectations, we’ll be on the lookout for where Katori Walker goes from here.

Connect with Katori Walker: Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud



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