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Danny Matos takes a deeper look at humanity on "People".

NYC based emcee Danny Matos delivers a poignant record titled "People" taken from his recently released LP, Caged Are the Songs That Set Me Free. Matos takes some time to pick our brains on this solemn record as he addresses a number of issues and ironies that make humankind so inhumane, despite many of our technological and social advancements. Backed by a jazzy, soothing instrumental produced by Surf School affiliate producer, Rusty Mack, we get to hear a semi-historical breakdown of how evolved we are technologically but still somewhat far behind when it comes to understanding our numerous differences.

This track demonstrates just one of the many reasons as to why CATSTSMF is such an important and relevant project. It arrives at a time when we as a society are moving closer to better understanding our faults, despite our accomplishments. Get the 21 track effort here.

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