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XTEVIE combines pop sensibilities with rap stylings in "Bakin'"

A unique mix of infectious pop and vibrant hip-hop vibes, XTEVIE has released her latest single entitled "Bakin'".  Showcasing bouncing electro beats and bright bubbly vocals and featuring Nevve, this irresistibly catchy track has all the swagger and sway you'd expect from a song with such a contagious finesse.    

Soaked in genre-fusing flair, XTEVIE proves to be a transcendent 21st-century woman, continually pushing the boundaries of sound. Co-founder of the multimillion-dollar company Drybar, trained sommelier and a bold, confident artist, she exists within the self-proclaimed genre "femme hype". With "work hard, play hard" as her motto, her music is an empowering portrayal of an individual with endless self-assurance. Prepared to celebrate all of life's victories, she's constantly inspiring other women to blaze their own trail and do it with pride. 

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