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Looms reflects on having loved and lost in newest single "Dead Time"

Embodying the loved and the lost, the found and the drifting, is NYC dream punk band Looms. After a summer of heartbreak and searching for answers, frontman Sharif Mekawy poured out his musings into music, resulting in the band's forthcoming third LP, The Way Up. Premiering today is the song that started it all, "Dead Time". 

"Dead Time" was originally a collaboration between Mekawy and a woman he was in a relationship with, "We were on my roof and I started playing what ended up being the opening guitar riff" he reflects, "Inspired by some neglected planters next to us, she started singing 'Dead Thyme' along with the guitar. It was a beautifully spontaneous moment, and I honestly thought it was going to be our first song together. When the relationship came to a sudden end, I retreated back to the roof for a month and finished writing the record. I changed 'thyme' to 'time' and wrote this song about the end of us." 

While "Dead Time" is built on the aforementioned guitar riff, it fills out with a full-bodied composition of drums and accompanying guitars. Around the half-way mark, we are swayed to a slight change in tempo, enjoying a melodic guitar break that pierces right through your soul. Despite being a sombre song, "Dead Time" establishes itself as a classic, a number that can be enjoyed in all stages in life. 

Looms' third LP, The Way Up, releases on May 3 through Good Eye Records, and you can check out the full tracklist below. 

  1. Anew
  2. Dead Time
  3. Eclipse
  4. From a Roof
  5. Master Plan
  6. More of the Same
  7. Once Known
  8. Three's Company
  9. Don't Want a Thing
  10. What About When

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