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Turn off your phone but not your heart with Alessandro Ciminata's latest single "Kings"

Gracing our ears again with that effortless, chic London pop is singer-songwriter Alessandro Ciminata with his first single of 2019, "Kings." 

"Kings" is a slow-burning pop anthem that yearns for real connections in a world consumed by screens and social media followings. Despite the controversial subject matter, Ciminata manages to turn raw cynicism into silky inspiration. From the start, we are lulled by his deep vocals, and just when the guitar chords rise in a theatrical break, we are swept back to the dark, indie pop production with a renewed vigour, never missing a beat. 

When setting out to record new music, Ciminata found himself in a room with fellow songwriters discussing a recent Netflix documentary about being addicted to social media. This led to his realization of how "there are so many moments in our life that we are missing out because we are focused on a screen instead. I love social networks, but I personally think we should be in control of our life and not vice versa." The consequent "Kings" single focuses not only on the prevalence of unjustified social media dependencies, but exactly as to why those dependencies are so unnecessary. "We can just be us tonight" is a powerful message conveying happiness and validation free of the digital world. And we are here for it. 

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Indie · Indie Pop · U.K.


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