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In "Hindsight", we should have seen Madison Park coming in hot with her fiery debut

It's a universally known fact that music can transcend languages and for DJ and producer Madison Park, music was literally her first language. Knowing how to read sheet music before Korean, music has been ingrained in her since she started classical, eventually leading her to become fluent in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

In an industry inundated with Caucasian males, Park is an icon, firmly planting her feet in the dance world alongside fellow female and minority artists—speaking a musical language that rings true to many. "Hindsight" is her fiery debut after a culmination of years of exploration, disseminating music into beautiful, emotive sounds.

Taking on the production side of this project, Park brings in @whoisfiction (co-writer of K-Pop artist Tiffany Young’s charting single "Born Again") as her vocalist for "Hindsight". Combining soulful and sultry R&B vocals with angelic orchestral elements, Park eloquently constructs a visceral soundscape of emotional resonance—effectively reeling in our attention. The heartfelt progression to the melodic future bass drop is vibrant, a robust and sweeping cinematic display of reposed breathlessness that showcases her innate production talents. With such a stunning debut, it's without a doubt that Park is one to watch for in the coming months as she steadily gains traction in the dance world with her sonic mastery.


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Dance · Future Bass


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