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APOLLO spreads 'WINGS' in new experimental EP

Australian label Clipp.Art Originals has promised an ongoing series of weekly/bi-weekly digital cuts, but the release frequency does not affect the quality of their records at all. Their latest release WINGS comes from Vancouver-based instrumentalist and producer APOLLO. Borrowing the name from Greek mythology, Joel Jasper is making a statement with this experimental electronic EP.

Setting the tone for the EP, "TIMEPIECE" constructs an immersive and spacey soundscape immediately. With its heavenly pads and deep, melancholic bass lines underpinning rumbling kick drums, the track offers a languorous listen with its gloomy vibes. Following up, "GIVEIN" has you lost in its air of deep emotion. Packed with glacial piano lines and buzzing pan flute, it swirls and whooshes, bringing out a classic feel with a futuristic twist. APOLLO wraps up the EP with acid-splashed, after hour jam "WINGS." He touches the fluidly psychedelic and surreal all at once with echoey pads, soothing vocal chops, and steely percussions. 

APOLLO has opened for the likes of Chromeo, Hot Chip, FKJ and Breakbot. To get a better idea of what he might be serving up in the future, APOLLO has also curated a custom Spotify playlist which can be found here to compliment this release.

Buy the EP here.

Connect with APOLLO: Instagram | SoundCloud

Connect with Clipp.Art Originals: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram



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