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Melle Brown's latest is anything but "Background Noise"

With an assist from fellow Londoner Oli Hannaford, 22-year-old Melle Brown lets loose a funky and flavorful new jam titled, “Background Noise.”

Acting as the lead-off single for her upcoming EP, Intersection, “Background Noise” is anything but a song suited to by the wayside. Brown starts things off with thumping bass before bringing in Oli for his brand of silky guitar licks and velvety vocals.

For those who listen to Hannaford’s music, this soundscape might come as a bit of a shock. Known more for the rising London-style neo-soul, “Background Noise” finds Oli switching his stride from a casual cadence to controlled chaos. The high BPM track feels wrong on paper (considering Oli’s resume of mellow music), but in reality, it’s a perfect mix. The two artists act as foils, bringing out the best in each other and letting the music grow organically from there.

Though 22 years young, Melle Brown is far from a newcomer. She’s DJ’d for The Gorillaz and Little Simz as well as spent time as a Radio Host. It’s clear she’s on the path to great things, and if “Background Noise” is any indication, she may very well be there already.

Press play on “Background Noise” above and be sure to keep your ears peeled for Intersection when it drops on April 26th.

Connect with Melle Brown: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Neo-Soul · Soul · Soul-Hop


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