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Worakls takes us to Thailand in "Entrudo" [Video]

Multi-faceted musician and co-founder of Hungry Music label, Worakls, has unveiled his stunning new music video for "Entrudo". The lead single from his Orchestra album, Worakls takes us through a cinematic journey of Thailand's cities and landscapes—a visceral and moving accompaniment to his production.

Worakls weaves a dramatic percussion throughout "Entrudo", reflected by the candid cutscenes of Thailand backed by a myriad of instrumentals blaring and subtle backbeats. A short docu-fiction directed by Bruno Mathé, "Entrudo" tells us about the spiritual quest of a photographer traveling to Thailand. Cutting in between varying focal lengths, overlaid mandala illustrations and dual side-by-side scenes, we see the producer make his way through the countrytaking photos, praying, wandering. It's a beautiful collage of Thailand that helps him find the answers he seeks, seemingly all falling together in a calming cohesive narrative.

Orchestra comes as Worakls' debut album after 10 years of making music. Classically trained in piano, the album has been composed specifically to be played with an orchestra, with the French producer embarking on a sold out 10-date tour of France and Belgium’s most prestigious venues alongside a 20-piece orchestra

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