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girl in red tells us “i need to be alone” in three minutes of bedroom-pop bliss

Norwegian bedroom-pop singer girl in red is at it again with her surreal sonic daydreams. The captivating anti-pop artist swirls and dazzles with her latest dream-pop effort, "i need to be alone." The new single paddles through the emotive waves of isolation and yearning. "i need to be alone" is a 3-minute idyllic gem highlighting her singular sound with a deep resonance that’s becoming distinguishable with each and every release.

Marie Ulven, the 20-year-old behind the girl in red moniker, has a timbre that draws listeners in ever so deeply as the universal pain transferred feels quite relatable. She's in touch with her inner and outer surroundings, lost in her coming-of-age ways but she's finding the road to that spiritual place she sets out to discover. “i need to be alone” comes together blissfully and breathtakingly as girl in red does what she does best, mesmerize and attract with reverberations of pure ecstasy.  

In her own words, girl in red had this to say about her single, “I wrote i need to be alone one night when i was really frustrated. I was thinking about how much time I spend on things that doesnt matter, and having this weird feeling of guilt that I wasn't living my life. There's so many things happening all the time and it's kinda hard to keep up, I just wanna pull away from everything and be alone.”

In 2018, girl in red shared her stellar debut EP, chapter 1, followed by the single “we fell in love in october” and b-side track “forget her.” Earlier this year, she released the somber “watch you sleep.” She’s currently prepping her highly anticipated sophomore EP, chapter 2, due out later this year. 

Connect with girl in red:  Twitter  |  Instagram | Spotify

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