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Tobe Nwigwe teaches us why "CAGED BIRDS" sing [video]

The weekly series from Tobe Nwigwe known as #getTWISTEDsundays has almost turned into a second sermon for some of us. The series that began as an exercise for Tobe has quickly flourished into something listeners anticipate more than sleeping in after a weekend bender. For his latest effort in the series, Tobe "spits a verse so a horde of heathens can find the light".

The video kicks off with footage of Tobe Nwigwe explaining that he plans to do this every week for 10 years. He claims that if this doesn't pan out after all that time, at least he gave it his best shot; which is very good news for us listeners. "CAGED BIRDS" is Tobe's latest effort that once again showcases his versatility as an artist. After last week's "BOUNTIFUL" release which included bass that could knock the side mirrors off your used Oldsmobile, "CAGED BIRDS" is much more subdued, with jazz so smooth it makes silk look like sandpaper.

Tobe is accompanied by Nell to spread a message of prosperity that spans from his own personal movement to race. The message is a powerful one once again from Tobe, who is working hard to make purpose popular. And if the clever wordsmith keeps giving us quality content like this, it's safe to say he will succeed.

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