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Little Death welcomes a newfound 'Paradise' in euphoric debut

For the star-crossed lovers of house and disco comes an impressive narrative in the form of Paradise. A new project courtesy of one of LA's most prominent electronic music artists, February signals the arrival of new project Little Death. The team behind the new artist claims it’s a new venture from a beloved DJ we know, having released material under his primary alias across a wide breadth of the industry's biggest labels. Little Death seeks to explore and execute a new body of work that includes his long-standing love of analogue synths, vintage drum machines and the classic sounds of electronic dance music.

Playing on themes that cross over to the nostalgic landscapes of film photography, canvas painting and other physical mediums, Little Death weaves melodic techno, deep house and subtle hints of progressive into a modernized culmination of sensual grooves in Paradise. As though a call out to what is often lost in today's digital realms, the producer dons retro synths as an armour into the land of electronic dance music, showcasing a prolific and daring fresh new style. 

Title track "Paradise" opens the EP with flair, introducing a driving and dynamic lead production that fuses 80’s tinged synth melodies with emotive vocals, rich in expansive bass lines and crooning backbeats throughout. "Million Miles" featuring Cameron Forbes, takes a more refined approach as resonant arpeggios and further infectious vocals combine effortlessly, before the sun-drenched "Fade" closes out the proceeding tracks, shifting the focus to reveal a slow blooming and rich journey across the production. Little Death's versatile production prowess clearly shines in Paradise, and we look forward to what he has in store for us in this new foray into the woozy depths of house music. 

Connect with Little Death: SoundCloud | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

Deep House · House · Nu-disco · Progressive


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