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blanke plays with our mind in "VOICE IN THE MACHINE"

Australian producer blanke has enjoyed a rapid rise to recognition in the bass music scene. Being the national support for Illenium's debut tour, remixing artists like Gryffin, Marshmello, RL Grime and a collaboration with Rezz, Blanke has leveraged his peers and now is ready to release his latest original music.

In his latest release "VOICE IN THE MACHINE" released on Deadbeats, blanke has come out of the den firing like a missile musically in the technological sounding tune. With the intro being vocaloid samples to give off the impression of a female robot trapped inside of a machine, it drops into a melodic chop of bass heavy synths as if releasing the robot for the world to see and hear its pain. This original is sure to be a delight for headbangers worldwide who are enjoying the new wave of mid tempo bass.

Connect with BlankeInstagram | Twitter | Soundcloud



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