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Adam Melchor pens an ode to friendship in "3 Hours Ahead"

Jersey-born Adam Melchor returns with his latest single “3 Hours Ahead”. The former opera singer is paving his way into the indie-folk world. With consistent piano chords as his backdrop, the melody floats along through the waves of harmonies and quiet strumming, and comes to a serene, mellow shore at the end.


“3 Hours Ahead” is the tale of friendship across time zones. Upon reconnecting with a friend who moved to Arizona long ago to get sober, the single relays Melchor’s love and support for him, as he sings "all my love goes to you there, it goes to you there.” This track follows Melchor’s single “Real Estate”, and is the next addition to his transition from one musical genre to the next. Hitting play on “3 Hours Ahead” is proof that Melchor has a knack for penning tranquil, close-your-eyes-and-listen pieces, and it's sure to not be his last.  

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Folk · Indie


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