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Perseus's "Lightwave" is a triumphant return after a five year hiatus

Five years ago, producer Perseus quietly disappeared into the shadows, slowing biding his time for return. Now, he's arrived with uplifting, crystalline electronica cut "Lightwave"—reviving his iconic French Express label in the process.

Perseus' "Lightwave" emulates the soothing euphoria we see from the modulated ups and downs of a visual sound wave, instilling a sense of calmness alongside it.

“Nostalgia as my compass, I seek the sounds of my youth. Searching for something more out of dance music, it’s been a tease hearing recent tracks come so close and not go the distance. Dance music used to be euphoric and I miss it”, says Perseus. “A renaissance is underway… I believe we’re all trying to go back to understand why we’re not moving forward. Production levels have been peaking, yet music and film feel growingly soulless. We got more bandwidth in exchange for less feeling. But the human voice is reawakening. It’s probably why everything old feels new again. Maybe there was something to creating under limitation?”

The producer caresses soaring chords with undulating strings for the nostalgic sound he seeks, giving us a taste of his artistic vision. The polished drum sequence and synths amidst the melodies creates a mesmerizing sound that touches the soul.

Connect with Perseus: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Deep House · Progressive


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