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Matt Koelsch and Georgia Feroce create a close-knit bond in “All My Friends”

Embracing the spirit of friendship, folk singers Matt Koelsch and Georgia Feroce have released a cheerful and heartwarming new single entitled “All My Friends." The song tells a story of catching up with old friends after a prolonged absence, reminiscing around the piano and relishing in the nostalgia. The time apart has only brought them closer together.

Featuring upbeat jangly piano and light acoustic guitar, "All My Friends" showcases upbeat folk-sing-along at its finest. With beautifully melded male-female pop harmonies and 15 background singers, "All My Friends" invokes the timeless feeling of togetherness. It’s about that special moment of breaking bread and clinking glasses. “When writing this song we connected through our own struggles of being apart from the people we grew up with and saw on a regular basis.  The distance has made us realize how special it is when we do get to spend time with family and friends, and it makes every reunion that much sweeter.” Koelsch reveals.

Forming an instant bond, Georgia Feroce and Matt Koelsch met amidst the vibrant music scene surrounding the Eastside of Los Angeles in early 2016. Both New England Natives, they collaborated, performed, and traveled together, and from there the single was born. Both with a love of philanthropy, the two have also performed for a variety of fundraisers for cancer research, homelessness, and green initiatives.

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