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Nightseasons are no longer "Strangers" with the release of their 'Coasts' EP

Alt-indie duo Nightseasons have released their new Coasts EP, along with their standout single. The group is a bit of a mystery if you scan their social media, with few details noted other than exposing the band met in the modern industry way: through a music streaming service. Patrick Zeinali, a drummer turned producer, was searching Spotify for the voice of his new project and found Jordan Caiola. Coasts is a true 2018 collaboration and was written exclusively through email. 

The single with the most promising sound, "Strangers," is a breezy tune with heavier themes, with deep lyrics that override the light and airy instrumentation. The music has a slight California vibe and despite the title's introspection, Nightseasons doesn't appear to take themselves overly seriously other than creating gorgeous indie music. 

Connect with Nightseasons: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram 



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2 years ago

G''day Mark, I contacted the Grand Prix organisers and asked when the track schedule would be released and they advised it would be released in "late January. Check back with us and I will update our page as new information comes to hand. Cheers, Jess