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Ohara releases the musically intoxicating "Come Alive"

Just nine songs into his musical portfolio and Ohara is already one of Toronto’s most sonically diverse indie crooners. In both his live and studio performances, Ohara’s music meshes smoky vocals, electric guitar solos, ambient synths and moody soul. In a single year, Ohara has penetrated the local music scene with a sound that is distinctly infectious and sultry — weaving in jazz, R&B, soul, and reggae into his unique melodic tapestry.

It isn’t every day you come across a new singer that is able to successfully splice genres with a sound that is both nostalgic and pioneering. After dropping his debut self-titled EP this year, Ohara is closing off the year with the grimy new “Come Alive”. Ohara’s pitched shift vocals mix with his naturally husky timbre, adding an eccentric layer of fog. Over the haze of eerie synths and electric guitar progressions, “Come Alive” is Ohara’s smoke-filled journey into the night sky with his boo riding shotgun.

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