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Electric Pineapple team up with PBH & Jack Shizzle on the remix of "Good Girls, Bad Habits"

Electric Pineapple (Andrew Kingslow and Trina Smith) is a London based production duo who just teamed up with producer/DJ duo PBH & Jack Shizzle on the explosive house remix of their song  "Good Girls, Bad Habits".  All that may sound a bit long winded and have you thinking why two pairs of producers are teaming up but let's backtrack a little.  The original version of the song "Good Girls, Bad Habits" is the third single from Electric Pineapple following the release of two previous singles "Bad Influence" and "Stay". The single also featured the vocal talents of singer/songwriter Ben Lythe and emerging act Raven who deliver lush melodies and love-lorn lyrics over the future bass/pop vibes.

With the dust they have been gathering with the single, the duo decided to call on the remixing talents of PBH & Jack Shizzle who then go full retard with taking the song to a supersonic house level. Shedding the futuristic, synth-driven element of the original, PBH & Jack Shizzle go for a warmer upbeat vibe with a steady drum groove and bright lead sounds to create the perfect evening party starter.

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