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Break some hearts to Baird's new single "STRIPES"

Upon first listen, Baird's new single"STRIPES" probably sounds like an easy breezy dose of malaise, cue the wistful vocals, cue the loose electric guitar chords. It's the second single off the Providence-based artist's upcoming mixtape BIRDSONGS, which the press release says is "DIY rock songs" and inspired by talented multi-instrumentalists like Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Arthur Russell. Sounds amazing.

After several listens, you might realize that "STRIPES" is kinda hard to make out. More conventional instrumental production backs a set of confessing lyrics reflecting on a past relationship, where lingering memories refuse to leave . When the song shifts into a full state of self-reflection, the transition is so smooth you might just miss it. Either way, it would be an understatement to say that "STRIPES" is everything you didn't know you needed right before the oversaturated, capitalist, holiday playlisting season begins. 

BIRDSONGS is out November 30th. 

Connect with Baird:

SoundCloud | Twitter 

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