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Between Friends seek "Better Friends" in new video

Brennan Benko and brother/sister duo Savannah and Brandon Hudson, all formerly of The Heirs, have embarked on a new project: Between Friends, a dream-pop trio from Los Angeles, specializing in synth-heavy temporary love anthems for twenty-somethings looking to live a little. The pastel, grainy aesthetic of their newest video for their second single "Better Friends" - released via their label Sony Music Entertainment - is emblematic of their muted approach to party pop.

The song seems to begin en medias ras, with Savannah Hudson's vocals coming in only seconds after the initial beat. It's clear that Between Friends aren't waiting for anyone to get started; they'll be dancing whether or not you accept their invite to join in.

Brandon Hudson said that the chorus-driven track "is written from our younger perspectives, going back to how we felt when we were kids and also foreshadowing our young adult lives in the suburbs of the valley.”  He said that, growing up, they "idolized the concept of having the friends that we have now to enjoy the beauty and madness of this city together." It seems that the Hudson siblings and Benko have finally found the "better friends who like to sleep in the daytime, fall in love and kiss at night" they were looking for after all. 

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