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Mark Redito presents 'Everything Felt Right' remixes [Premiere]

Last month, musician extraordinaire Mark Redito's "Everything Felt Right" was met with resounding success, its groovy feel-good vibes resonating with audiences far and wide. With its cult success, the LA-based producer has teamed up with a group of talented producer friends for official remixes of the track. An eclectic mix of different sounds and genres: from house to slow funk to chill hop to cute jazz, Redito curates a sonic sphere sure to please yet again - first heard exclusively on EARMILK.

Starting off with Redito's own "Everything Felt Right (Midnight Version)", the producer dives headfirst into a spellbinding exploration of sound, taking the original uptempo beats down a notch for a moodier feel. Qrion on the other hand, adds a twist of club beats to the track, incorporating her signature lush sounds and infectious bass line for a smooth tropical feel. 

Hailing from his home country, fellow Filipino producer crwn takes "Everything Felt Right" and slows it down, adding layers of soothing synths, subtle percussions and a smooth snare for a relaxing rendition. onlytom, similar to Qrion, ups the ante with club-ready beats; his melodic take on the track infuses an incredibly uplifting beat, tinges of adventurous chiptune adding a layer of depth and fun to the ambiance. Continuing, TV Blonde crafts a smooth, lo-fi hip-hop rendition of the track that is pure fuel for the soul. To round off the remixes, omniboi jumps in between genres for a unique soundscape, effortlessly fulfilling our audial desires.


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