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Nora En Pure showcases new atmospheric sounds in 'Polynesia' [EP]

Deep house and indie dance music sensation Nora En Pure continues to ripple through the sonic sphere with with her diverse blend of electronic beats. While her tracks are most well known for their infectious vocal samples as the core focus, the South African sweetheart steps away from her signature sound and instead, focuses on intricate instrumentals and intrinsic melodies for her newest EP Polynesia

Polynesia sees the producer experimenting and exploring an atmospheric soundscape brimming with soothing cacophonies and laid-back vibes. The calming and pleasant feeling exuding from each and every track of the four-track EP, weaves a parable of Mother Earth, taking us back to our roots. Title track "Polynesia" is the epitome of a tranquil state of mind, immediately reassuring. "Harvesting" picks up the pace a tad, inserting subtle background chatter and flutes for a more exultant melody. "Riverward Streams" furthers the jubilee with an orchestral touch melded with a classic deep house bass line - the intertwining of melodic synths and harmonic pads, evoking a fulfilling feeling. Lastly, "Lioness" rounds off Polynesia with a funky groove, perfectly showcasing off Nora En Pure's versatility and passion.


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