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Pheona finds beauty in imperfection in her 'Love Garden' [Premiere]

Meet Pheona - the Toronto raised, London-based singer-songwriter whose music could literally move you to tears. There’s something about the organic emotion in Pheona’s voice that is mesmerizing beyond words. In Love Garden, sun rays bring solace to the anxious mind as Pheona’s angelic vocals wash over your soul and gently engulf you in its magical warmth.

Pheona's exquisite vocal style, complemented by her heart-wrenching songwriting and minimalistic beats, nod to a timbre of R&B that you can feel from the core of your soul as it moves through your bloodstream.

Despite the EP’s 10-minute length, Love Garden doesn’t fall short of delivering a sense of belonging with its natural feels of affection and comfort. The ethereal “All The Things I Know” feels like slow dancing in the middle of a sunflower field at dusk. Nighttime approaches and darkness consumes the field on the jazz-tinged “COLOURS”. Like gazing into stars painted across the galaxy and feeling lost in the vastness of the universe, “COLOURS” captures the sense of loneliness that can only be filled by being comforted in the arms of a lover once again. Love Garden reaches its destination on “Your Love”, a soulful ballad about blooming into a place of utter surrender in a relationship. Pheona leaves her fears at the door in exchange for unconditional love; addressing the uncertainties she’s been harbouring and juxtaposing it with what will always be the truth.

Love Garden feels like finally finding the shoreline after being submerged in the deepest of oceans and realizing your saviour was by your side all along.

Listen to the elegant Love Garden above.

Connect with Pheona: Instagram | Soundcloud

Ambient R&B · Hazy · Neo-Soul · Premiere · R&B · Soul


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