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Francine Thirteen debuts single "Live In My Grace"

The Dallas-based ritual pop artist Francine Thirteen has made a name for herself with her steady release of dreamy and evocative singles this year. Hot on the heels of her debut EP Lust HealsGive Me My Sin Again her latest single "Live In My Grace," was released independently."Live In My Grace," follows the trend Thirteen has laid out for herself, exploring themes of desire and sexuality from a uniquely feminine perspective.

"Live In My Grace" opens up with an industrial, utilitarian feeling. When Thirteen's vocals come in, they are almost cold, like an ice cube running down your skin. The track heats up as it continues, effectively inviting the listener into the deep, dreamy, watery place. Sexuality indeed meets spiritual awakening. Filled with unconventional and unexpected sounds, the track straddles the line between pop and experimentation — leaving Thirteen to explore the heavenly confines of her own genre (if any exist, that is). "Live In My Grace" just furthers the idea that Thirteen's music and her persona seem to be borderless.

Connect with Francine Thirteen: Facebook | Spotify | Twitter

Dreampop · Indie · Pop · Premiere


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