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Time may have passed, but Adria Kain is 'Still In Love' [Video]

Love is a beautifully painful journey. The ride can be smooth sailing on some roads and unbearably tumultuous on others. Obstacles naturally arise, and sometimes that journey may reach an impasse - sometimes leading to an eventual end. Adria Kain’s Still in Love is a soul-filled record about navigating your way through the cycle of love, letting go and moving on, but still leaving a piece of your soul on the road behind you.

This latest release is an extremely intimate and personal project, which isn’t surprising for those who have come to know and love the beautifully transparent nature of Adria Kain’s music. Still in Love is the first taste of the Toronto native’s upcoming triptych album, set to release early next year, and it doesn’t fall short of delivering timeless production drenched in heartfelt lyrics and syrupy smooth vocals. Still in Love solidifies Adria’s place as a world-class talent whose songwriting capabilities are just as potent as her extraordinarily polished vocals.

“L.I.M.B.( Liquor In My Brain )” sets the tone of Still in Love. Stripped down over the instrumentation of nothing more than an electric guitar, Adria uses an air of simplicity to showcase her truly robust vocals. It doesn’t take any flashy production for Adria's impact to be felt because her rich sonic abilities are purely innate. The ballad flows immaculately into “True Love”, an honest intercession asking for the rekindling of communication in a past relationship. Flickering memoirs are transposed onto the hearts of listeners on the next track, “Blue”. Its melancholic lyrics will get under your skin and swim in it as Adria reflects on what ultimately led to this fork in the road.

Still In Love has a deeply intoxicating angst that will draw you into its deep blue pools, raw lyrics, and soul-stirring vocals. Stream it above and check out its accompanying visuals, directed by Elliott Muscat, below.

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Ambient R&B · Blues · Indie · Neo-Soul


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