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SWIMM has us yearning for the "Weekend" on this new single

Monday Blues, Terrible Tuesdays, WednesdayHump-Day, Thirsty Thursday... Aren't we all just working for the weekend? Yes! And that's why you should get hip to SWIMM's rollicking new track, "Weekend," from the upcoming special edition release of their 2015 EP, Beverly Hells. The energetic romp will give you the strength to stick it out to Friday. 

This is a track that really goes places... pun intended. From the first snare hit, we're off to the races with that good ol' fashioned freewheeling vibe and a song that triumphantly declares,

"Everything is great, it's the weekend

Blood, sweat and a little bit of money too spend." 

Wherever you are as the listener, you're instantly transported to a speeding convertible cruising down an open highway, caressing the coastline without a care in the world. Even if you're sitting at your desk with that 2:30-feeling, "Weekend" will instantly jolt you to attention. Right when it feels like the shot of adrenaline will never end, things cool off. This groovy bossa nova bridge is just the necessary reprieve to get into that chilled out, carefree state of mind that embodies the best of weekends. 

"'Weekend' is meant to be a mindless escape inspired by all our friends that work really hard and at times get paid very little for it," says the band. If that description seems familiar then this is the track for you. Because remember, "Maybe you spent more on tequila than what you got paid, maybe you didn't find love but pretended a little, maybe things got weirder than you intended... as long as your buds are there, it's all good."

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

If you're in Los Angeles, catch SWIMM at the Bootleg Theater on November 29th. It's FREE! And don't forget to keep an eye out for their special edition of Beverly Hells, out November 29th.

Connect with SWIMM: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

60's · Indie · Lo-Fi · Premiere · Psych-rock · Psychedelic


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