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BeauDamian's 'Bipolar' is a beautiful juxtaposition of light and dark [EP]

Arguably, our existence, exists on the idea of duality - the dichotomy of good and evil, day and night, light and dark. Our emotions ebb and flow in between, a slur of mixed colours; it's a palette of hues we can't quite discern and it's the juxtaposition and the muddiness of blurred emotions, that give us the agency to create and to share. Utrecht-based producer BeauDamian returns to bitbird and takes this intangible duality, translating it into the mountainous soundscape of his newest EP Bipolar.

A project centred around a sonic theme of having two sides - a “light” side and a “dark” side, Bipolar is a deeply evocative narrative of BeauDamian's personal journey; having been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder not too long ago, the producer's diagnosis left a rippling impact on his life and in turn became the origin of the EP theme. Both sides of the project represents how he is as a person, and more importantly, how he has accepted his personal traits of going from one extremity of emotions to the other - and everything in between. 

Thus, the first half of the EP is brimming with vibrant energy. Featuring Lola Rice, "Galaxy" opens up Bipolar with a bass-heavy electronica, melody reminiscent of an adventure theme song. Wanting to escape reality, BeauDamian and Rice craft a luscious track that brings listeners into one's own space and mind - a world where imagination and creativity can run freely. Following, "We Get Lost" featuring Belle Doron echoes the lively tempo of its predecessor, with a quirky touch. Eclectic synths run freely throughout, highlighting the chilling falsettos. 

A collaboration with veteran drum'n'bass producer Nymfo, "Bounce" takes a grittier, darker turn whilst maintaining a sonorous vibe; it's a track that purely fetishes the idea of making listeners have fun and forget about their responsibilities - if only for this one song. With its robust bass, "Bounce" transitions us into the more chaotic half of Bipolar with ease, "Shut Up" diving deep into dubstep influences with its dark and looming ambiance. BeauDamian notes that the song is “when you’re done with all the thoughts and feeling you have, about feeling really angry and frustrated, it’s just like a big burst of frustration.”

Finally, "In Between Storms" holds a video game aesthetic; unlike the other tracks, BeauDamian emphasizes the lack of bass with whimsical orchestral synths - a nod to how one might feel after letting out all the frustrations and anger - the calm after the storm. The track is the resolution to the complex mix of various energy types heard on the rest of the EP. 

BeauDamian notes: “The EP is based on how I’ve felt for the past two years; it really depends on how my day starts and whether I want to look at the world in a positive or negative light. It’s why I chose to include this concept in the EP, of one character who is looking to do the exact same thing but which is also dependant on how I feel and what my mindset is. Sometimes, I can choose to change my mind but sometimes there are moments when I can’t; it really depends on the circumstances and whether I’m strong enough to overcome the negative feelings I have.”

BeauDamian will be going on San Holo's album1 tour this fall.

Buy/stream Bipolar here.


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