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Mosey's new single is "So Damn Funky"

First starting out by producing beats for local rappers before releasing electronic projects under various names, Paris-based DJ and producer Mosey has always been in the creative scene, amassing a multi-faceted skillset that has earned him quite a reputation. With such a ride-ranging set of careers and influences, the aptly named "So Damn Funky" was the result of Mosey experimenting with his favourite influences coming together: French house and hip-hop.

Driven with a jazz-influenced groove with tinges of soul and hip-hop, "So Damn Funky" is an eclectic track that blends genres into one quirky composite. The soulful croons draw in listeners with its laid-back ambiance, aching chords effortlessly blending into the subtle bass backbeat. In addition, the modulated percussions highlight the vocals' tonal highs and lows, showcasing a range that ultimately rings true for both hip-hop and house music. A song perfect for any occasion, Mosey's careful curation of sounds is evidently heard in each break, a true mood that flawlessly puts one into a relaxed state of mind.


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Easy Listening · Electronic · Soul · Soul-Hop


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