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dwilly showcases fresh new sound in "be right here" [Premiere]

Amidst the brilliance of neon-lit paths and the consequent haze of cigarettes, music rounds out the streets and bellows out into the night. The gritty, urban electronica, brash in confidence and tenor, is a soundscape fitting for LA-based DJ and producer dwilly, whose ardent fervour in sound innovation, has earned him a humble reputation. While dwilly is known for specializing in urban and electronic music (with tinges of eclectic pop), the producer has decided to step out of the box and venture into a new direction - a new audial foray into hip-hop.

EARMILK is proud to exclusively premiere dwilly's newest track "be right here", with official release being slated for tomorrow, October 23rd.

His first single featuring himself as the vocalist, "be right here" is an electronic hip-hop meld that still retains his signature sounds, albeit with a funky new twist. Opening with modulated chiptune-influenced synths, dwilly's vocals effortlessly transition into the quirky uptempo beats, showcasing his multi-faceted talents - a perfect example of two birds one stone. The robust lyricism is the centrepiece of the track, introducing us to layered distorted vocal hooks that bring in the lively energy of dance music whilst maintaining the easy-going flow of dwilly's hip-hop influences. Infectiously unique, "be right here" makes us want to stay into the world the producer has crafted just a little bit longer; EARMILK is excited to see what dwilly has in store for us next.

dwilly's debut EP is expected to be released in early 2019.


Connect with dwilly: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Electro Hop · Electronic · Premiere


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