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Tough Love reworks classic house anthem "Hideaway" featuring Reigns

The robust, bouncy house production of London-based duo Tough Love never ceases to amaze. Since the release of "Wired" and "My House", the prolific producers continue to ascend to the top of the charts, this time by reworking De'Lacy's classic 90's house anthem "Hideaway" into a modern-day dance production.

Featuring the robust vocals of Reigns, "Hideaway" is a vivacious bass-infused house creation, tinged with hints of classic UK garage. Immediately attention-grabbing, the deep bass line brings the original track up to date, reeling listeners in with its energetic use of reverbs. Whilst much of the song seems to focus on the bass, it is in fact the opposite; it is Reigns' soulful vocals that makes the song the perfect blend of classic house and modern dance music - a wondrous juxtaposition of old and new. Tough Love's layered percussions is quintessential in grounding the track, smoothly building up to a pleasing drop that is absolutely ready for the dance floor.

Buy/stream "Hideaway" here.


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90's · House


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