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New Rose takes cosmic country to another level on "Weeping Willow"

Brooklyn seems like an unlikely place for a cosmic roots rock band to get its start but when you dig deeper it becomes clear that New Rose embodies a broader spectrum of the Amerian spirit than just that of the Big Apple. "Weeping Willow" is the second single from the band's upcoming full-length, Crying Skies, via Broken Circles.

The six-piece, that includes solo artist June West, draws much of their inspiration from the '60s and '70s Laurel Canyon era. It comes as no surprise that New Rose's compositions sound succinctly Californian. Even down to the additional players on the record, which include: Al Perkins, who recorded pedal steel on both Gram Parsons solo records, as well as "Torn and Frayed" by The Rolling Stones. Throughout this project, the band channels the ghosts of Old Weird America and rings in a new dawn for modern wavy Americana.

The highlight of this new single is in how the band manages to break out of the classic nostalgia-worship that so many acts are guilty of. Despite the southern stylings and old-school layers, the simple drum groove contains an air of modernity, as if it were replicating the beat of a drum machine. Any fan of contemporaries like Kevin Morby, Cass McCombs and Molly Burch will find "Weeping Willow" to fit right into the cannon of mystical modern folk tales.

Stay tuned for New Rose's upcoming full-length, Crying Eyes, due out November 9th on Broken Circles.

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