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Lily Oyen obtains closure in “Heartsore”


With just a ukulele and her stunningly soft voice indie singer/songwriter Lily Oyen shines in her newest single “Heartsore”. A poignant track detailing the fall of a friendship, it was just the closure Oyen needed to finally move on. After repeatedly trying to revive what was there before, Oyen realized it was all in vain. It took her years to fully come to terms with the situation. “The song is structured in a way that mirrors how I really dealt with the situation. In the beginning, I seek pity and wish for things that weren't there, but as the song goes on I begin to realize why things turned out the way they did and I shift the blame from myself onto the other person,” she reveals.

Oyen has shown a profound love for music from an early age. Now 16 her passion has only grown. She’s taught herself to play five different instruments and wants to learn more. Her multi-instrumental capacity paired with a love for creative writing, the songstress is able to create powerful lyrics with deep personal meaning. She prides herself on crafting relatable music that inspires others. 

Oyen’s endless creativity and honesty is what allows her to flourish as an artist, continuing to create exceptional music.

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