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neek releases raw emotional EP ‘words i shouldn’t have’

LA-based electronic artist and producer neek is gearing up for the release of her latest EP, words i shouldn’t have. After dropping her compelling single, “something new, something blue” along with a handful of other tracks, the expectations are set for the release of her new project. Filled to the brim with emotionally charged lyrics and electronic soundscapes, neek fully encapsulates the whirlwind of emotions that occur during an unrequited love experience.

“Producing became my place of solace and I never looked back. I made words i shouldn’t have for all of the words I can’t say out loud and for feelings I can’t yet express. Dedicated to my unrequited loves, with a touch of grief not yet explored" says neek.

In an over-produced world, it’s refreshing to experience a musical approach as authentic as neek’s. The atmosphere felt within her tracks are all raw soundscapes from her bedroom recording studio. She felt the vulnerability and realness of those moments would only add to the personal message laid within her project. 

“I don’t blame you interlude” expresses a lighter production with a larger emphasis on vocals. A catchy melodic line leads us to the end and into the title track. Embellishing an electronic-pop approach, “words I shouldn’t have” starts off with a steady beat and captivating voices. The song delivers a dreamy and catchy soundscape that expresses a pure sense of vulnerability.

The full EP is out officially on October 19 via Mateo Sound. The event will include a listening party for the EP, special live performances and exclusive merchandise - RSVP here

Connect with neek: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud'

Photo credit: Amy Narodovich

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